DREAM CARE HOME LLC is an assisted living facility in NORWALK CA. It has been caring for older adults since 12/7/18.

DREAM CARE HOME LLC is commonly called board and care home or residential assisted living. They are usually regular homes with extra features to promote safety and mobility like wheelchair ramps. DREAM CARE HOME LLC has a max capacity of 6.

Floor Plans

Since care homes use regular houses, they would have the typical room configurations:

  • Private room
  • Private room with bathroom
  • Shared room
  • Shared room with bathroom

Common Assisted Living Services

  • Activities of Daily Living Assistance
  • Medication Management
  • Individual or Group Activities
  • Laundry Services
  • Wellness Programs
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance

Pricing and Availability in NORWALK, CA

The average care cost in California is $5,250/month (Genworth). The cost of assisted living in NORWALK, like other cities in CA, is highly dependent on the care provided and base rate. Room availability changes all the time. For the most current status and pricing, please contact the community. An appraisal or assessment by a representative from DREAM CARE HOME LLC is usually needed to get an accurate quote.

Contact Information Of DREAM CARE HOME LLC

The phone number is the real number of DREAM CARE HOME LLC. When you call them, please let them know you found them at www.SeniorLoop.net.

11838 163RD ST
Phone: (562) 404-7010
License Number: 198602967

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